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Under Armour Flag Football (Under The Lights) is one of the fastest growing youth sport league initiatives in the country. Our national youth flag football league is perfect for children from 1st-8th grade, with the emphasis on promoting a competitive, confidence building, non-contact experience for both boys & girls of all skill levels.

With a focus on safe play and community engagement, we’re looking to grow the game across North America. With 250+ leagues, more than 100,000 athlete's and the support of Under Armour - we provide the tools you need to start, maintain and grow a flag football league in your community!


Under Armour Flag Football By The Numbers

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Why Start An Under Armour Flag Football League?

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National Championship Tournament Series:


The #1 Sports Performance Facility in North America, IMG Academy, will be our host December 28-30 for our National Championship Tournament. Our Champions from the Fall League will be given an opportunity to compete for the ultimate prize, National Champions!

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League Operator Testimonials

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TJ Lane our Tampa FL League Director

“Before coming to the Under the Lights team, I was an educator and football coach for 17 years.  In 2015, I was given the opportunity to start and run Under the Lights Flag leagues in the Tampa Bay area.  Being successful in that initial opportunity, I was given the chance to operate multiple leagues.  Making the decision to come to the Under the Lights team has allowed me to create businesses that bring a better economic situation to my family.  It highlights that the harder you work and the more time and effort you put towards your craft, the more income you can create for your family.  Being a father and focusing on my family are most important to me.  I have the freedom to make a creative work day schedule where I don’t have to be somewhere 9 to 5 and miss time with my family.”

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